Soramitsu is a Japanese technology company specializing in blockchain technology. Our goal is to develop a digital identity platform based on a distributed registry.
Hyperledger Iroha is a next-generation permissioned blockchain platform, aimed at helping businesses and financial institutions manage digital assets. Soramitsu was the original developer of Hyperledger Iroha and contributed it to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project. Hyperledger Iroha is written in C++, making it ideal for use cases where high performance and reliability are needed, or for embedded systems.

Soramitsu uses Hyperledger Iroha to create services for users, including mobile applications for managing digital assets, identity, and contracts. Through our use of Hyperledger Iroha, we hope to contribute to a safer and more efficient society.

As initial developer and main contributor, Soramitsu provides technical and business support for Hyperledger Iroha. Please contact us if you need support for Hyperledger Iroha.
Digital Identity
Identity is at the base of all financial applications in the digital economy. Having a convenient and secure way to share personal information, validate it, and prove your identity in a digital environment is the key to creating safe, decentralized applications, that give users control over their own information.

RTGPS - is the revolutionary and unique DLT core solution allows for real-time gross domestic and cross-border payments between any and all account holders on a single platform.
The optional digital currency is a secure alternative to paper bank notes designed to function within the parameters required by the banking system.

Using a secure and standardized digital currency as a means of payment can increase trust and confidence in the payment system.
Real Time Gross Payment System

Sora is a decentralized autonomous economy, where new XOR tokens are created to empower the creating of new goods and services.
Sora (XOR) is a utility token that powers the Sora ecosystem. Premium functions in the Sora identity application take advantage of the Sora token and the token will work to power our comprehensive ecosystem.

There is no ICO, but Sora token will be distributed soon. Keep in touch!
Soramitsu Case Studies
Kagome is a C++ implementation of the Polkadot Runtime Environment developed by Soramitsu and funded by a Web3 Foundation grant. With Kagome, all Soramitsu projects can be connected to blockchains supporting Polkadot, thus becoming a part of the next-generation decentralized web.
D3 Ledger
Soramitsu and the central securities depositories of Slovenia (KDD) and Russia (National Settlement Repository of Moscow Exchange Group) are collaborating on D3, the Decentralized Digital Despoitory. This is a token issuance and post-trade settlement infrastructure for financial institutions to use to provide custodian, asset creation, OTC trades, and settlement services to their users.
Cambodian Payment System
Soramitsu and the National Bank of Cambodia are working to co-develop the open source distributed ledger (blockchain) project Hyperledger Iroha.

Through a co-development agreement, the National Bank of Cambodia will study the implications of distributed ledger technology, while contributing to the open source development of Hyperledger Iroha and developing new payment infrastructures.
Working with the University of Tokyo, University of Aizu, and International University of Japan GLOCOM, we performed an experiment in Aizu, Japan, where new units of a currency created for an event were created through social interaction between people at the event.

People working together in society has tremendous value and the Moeka experiment showed a way to use blockchain technology to allow the quantification of this value.
Byacco is a local, digital currency for the University of Aizu. Based on mobile apps, users can simply send money to each other instantly. On campus, this currency was tested in the University of Aizu store and cafeteria. A production version of this system is now under development and will debut soon.
Soramitsu won the "Future of Financial Services" award on Tech Rocketship Awards, held by the British Embassy in Japan and the Scottish International Development Agency
Soramitsu won UK Award at Fintech Summit by JFSA in Tokyo.
We also received Future of Financial Services award from UK Tech Rocketships!
Kazumasa Miyazawa gave a speech on digital identity and eKYC at ACAMS international AML meeting in Tokyo
Makoto Takemiya presented Soramitsu projects and lead discussions about blockchain and digital currencies at Fintech Regtech Global Summit in Singapore
Makoto Takemiya presented speech on "Kagome: A C++ Implementation of the Polkadot Runtime Environment" at Polkadot Dotcon conference in Berlin
Makoto Takemiya participated with lightning talk about the Soramitsu and Hyperledger Iroha on Hyperledger Global Leaders Meetup in Tokyo
Makoto Takemiya and Kazumasa Miyazawa presented analysis of use cases for Hyperledger Iroha and it's application for starting financial and information revolution at Hyperledger Member Summit in Tokyo
We are happy to announce that project Bakong which we work on in collaboration with Nation Bank of Cambodia has been successfully in test with real money since 17th of July and showing great results!
Nikkei published information about Soramitsu development office in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima
Ales Zivkovic, CTO of Soramitsu, attended Malaysia Blockchain Week and gave a presentation on how to use blockchain for next generation financial services.
Soramitsu and BCA Bank cooperated to complete a proof-of-concept for the potential use of blockchain in compliance procedures using Sora Identity Solution.
NewsWire published a press release about Hyperledger Iroha v 1.0
Makoto Takemiya, Co-CEO of Soramitsu, presented an idea of a stable coin based on XOR token on IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference in Seoul, South Korea
Aleš Zivkovic, CTO of Soramitsu, gave an overview of Iroha and explained how DLT can be used in organizations on the Consensus conference, organized by Condesk in New York, USA.
We have presented our implementation of payment system based on D3 and Sora technology at Pioneers, a huge startup contest in Austria. GIN (Global Incubator Network) selected Soramitsu and asked us to participate in this event.
Hyperledger Iroha v 1.0 is here! Reliability and effectiveness of Hyperledger Iroha are now production-ready!
Core Team
Co-Founder / SORA Director
Ikkei Matsuda
Co-founder / CEO blockchain engineer
Makoto Takemiya
Co-founder / CEO
Ryu Okada
SORA Director
Kazumasa Miyazawa
SORA Director
Tsukasa Ojima
Satoshi Hirota
Nobuo Nakamura
Jimmy Homma
Location: Jingumae Tower Building 13F, 1-5-8, Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Nearest Metro/Subway: 5 min walk to Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line or Fukutoshin Line, Meiji Jingu-mae station Exit 5

By JR Train: 4 min walk to JR Yamanote Line, Harajuku Station, Exit Takeshita-guchi

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