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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Introducing the New Fraud Intelligence Interface

We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our web application, transforming traditional manual processes into a streamlined experience.

This update is designed to provide fraud intelligence professionals with a consolidated view of various fraud types, enabling more effective management and strategic actions against fraud activities.
Key Features
  • Data Enrichment with Confidence Index: The new front-end enriches fraud intelligence data with a confidence index, enhancing the quality and reliability of the information provided. This enables users to generate their insights and effectively manage their intelligence infrastructure.
  • Immediate Access to Crucial Data: The revamped UI/UX offers immediate and easy access to a wide range of fraud types, including IRSF, IP address fraud, Wangiri, SMS A2P, and more. This allows professionals to understand and react quickly to threats specific to their business.
  • Educational Tools for Practical Application: The platform includes educational views that guide users on leveraging this enriched data in their operational strategies. This initiative is part of our commitment to empowering users through knowledge and practical application tools.
  • Dynamic Report Filtering: A new dynamic report filter aids users in navigating and utilizing internal digital credit tokens. This feature highlights how contributions and downloads from the ledger can be managed to maximize benefits within our freemium pay-per-use model.
  • Flexible Subscription Options: A subscription option is available for users who prefer direct access to data without contributing to the ecosystem, ensuring flexibility and inclusiveness for all users.
This release marks a significant step forward in our journey to provide a more effective, user-friendly, and enriched data experience to combat fraud. We look forward to your feedback and continued partnership in evolving our platform.

A Message from Fraud Intelligence Limited
On the release, Anthony Sani, co-Founder of Fraud Intelligence Limited and CEO of Orillion mentions;

Anthony Sani
Co-Founder of Fraud Intelligence Limited and CEO of Orillion
"The joint venture was founded on the principles that tackling telco fraud requires both a collective yet creative effort. Through our partners at SORAMITSU: We're excited about what we can bring to strengthen the lives of fraud intelligence professionals everywhere, and to protect users globally."

And Andrew Wong, co-founder of Fraud Intelligence Limited and COO of Soramitsu mentions;

"Fraud Intelligence Limited is all about finding ways to bring this technology to life and letting peers and intelligence professionals take an even more active role in fighting the fraudsters. We built the technology core on Hyperledger Iroha (a permissioned based blockchain). Hyperledger Iroha derives its strength as a community led initiative that galvanizes the best technical minds in the world towards solving real problems which need solving. This releases gives more personalization for telcos and FMS vendors who look to our data to help chart new paths towards fighting fraud together."

Andrew Wong
Co-founder of Fraud Intelligence Limited and COO of Soramitsu

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About Orillion
Orillion Solutions are committed to delivering products that solve industry problems by leveraging deep data insights and modern technology use. Our focus on disruptive and innovative solutions allows us to protect and create real value for our customers, placing us at the forefront of risk management and operational assurance. Our solutions empower our clients with advanced fraud insights and prevention capabilities, helping them mitigate the risks of financial loss and reputational damage.

Soramitsu is an award-winning global financial technology company with expertise in developing blockchain-based solutions for digital asset and identity management. Our mission is to use blockchain to promote innovation and solve pressing societal challenges.


Fraud Intelligence Limited: 2023 in Review

What our customers say and do matters most. Their feedback inspired Fraud Intelligence Limited in ways both big and small, and in 2023, we accelerated our execution to take that feedback and transform it into a reality aligned with our partner's needs, which enabled us to build tools emboldening Fraud Intelligence Blockchain to become the undisputed leader and trusted source of shared fraud intelligence globally.