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How Fintech Startups Are Disrupting the Payments Industry. Last year, Japan-based Soramitsu rolled out a next-generation payment network that enables real-time payments online and via smartphones. The venture's blockchain platform is faster, cheaper and addresses development issues such as when people are "unbanked." In Cambodia, for example, 78 percent of the population over 15 years old do not have access to banking services. In six months, the platform enrolled thousands of real users.
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Filecoin has announced two additional implementations of the Filecoin protocol: forest – being implemented in Rust by ChainSafe, and fuhon – being implemented in C++ by Soramitsu. These implementations are in active development, and are now fully open for anyone to use or contribute to. Check them out on GitHub!
The Bakong project is receiving more and more attention. Check out the newest publication about it.
We are pleased to announce the release of the Sora XOR Token!
Soramitsu architect Yuri Vinogradov lectures on the ecosystem around HL Iroha at Blockchain Life Moscow.
The Soramitsu team attends Hyperledger Bootcamp Moscow to represent HL Iroha community.
Soramitsu CEO Ales Zivkovic introduces Bakong at Cambodia FinTech Day 2019.
Soramitsu wins the "Future of Financial Services" award on Tech Rocketship Awards, held by the British Embassy in Japan and the Scottish International Development Agency.
Kazumasa Miyazawa lectures on digital identity and eKYC at ACAMS international AML meeting in Tokyo.
Makoto Takemiya presents Soramitsu projects and leads discussions about blockchain and digital currencies at Fintech Regtech Global Summit in Singapore.
Makoto Takemiya presents a speech on "Kagome: A C++ Implementation of the Polkadot Runtime Environment" at Polkadot Dotcon conference in Berlin.
Makoto Takemiya participates in lightning talk about Soramitsu and Hyperledger Iroha at the Hyperledger Global Leaders Meetup in Tokyo.
Makoto Takemiya and Kazumasa Miyazawa present an analysis of use cases for Hyperledger Iroha and its application for starting a financial and information revolution at the Hyperledger Member Summit in Tokyo.
We are happy to announce that project Bakong in collaboration with the National Bank of Cambodia has been successfully tested with real money since the 17th of July and is showing great results!
Nikkei publishes information about the Soramitsu development office in Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima.
Ales Zivkovic, CTO of Soramitsu, attends Malaysia Blockchain Week and presents on how to use blockchain for next generation financial services.
Soramitsu and BCA Bank cooperate to complete a proof-of-concept for the potential use of blockchain in compliance procedures using Sora Identity Solution.
NewsWire publishes press release about Hyperledger Iroha v 1.0.
Soramitsu CEO Makoto Takemiya presents an idea of a stable coin based on XOR token at IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference in Seoul, South Korea.
Aleš Zivkovic, CTO of Soramitsu, gives an overview of Iroha and how DLT can be used in organizations at the Consensus Conference, organized by Coindesk in New York, USA.
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