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Soramitsu and BCA Bank cooperated to complete a proof-of-concept for the potential use of blockchain in compliance procedures using Sora Identity Solution.
NewsWire published a press release about Hyperledger Iroha v 1.0
Makoto Takemiya, Co-CEO of Soramitsu, presented an idea of a stable coin based on XOR token on IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference in Seoul, South Korea
Aleš Zivkovic, CTO of Soramitsu, gave an overview of Iroha and explained how DLT can be used in organizations on the Consensus conference, organized by Condesk in New York, USA.
We have presented our implementation of payment system based on D3 and Sora technology at Pioneers, a huge startup contest in Austria. GIN (Global Incubator Network) selected Soramitsu and asked us to participate in this event.

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